Neutering for Dogs


We recommend that you get your bitch spayed, to avoid unwanted pregnancy, uterine infections and ovarian and uterine cancer. It also can decrease the risk of mammary cancer in the bitch in later life.

Our staff are happy to discuss whether this is carried out before or after your bitch’s first season, as this can be decided on individual cases. They will also advise you how to keep your bitch looking nice and trim throughout her life after her spay.

Castration of male dogs is advised by the practice. It can prevent straying or unwanted anti-social behavior, such as leg mounting and urinating in the house. It also can reduce aggression and decrease the risk of prostate problems later in life.

This operation can be carried out from 6 months old. In cases where the testicles fail to descend properly these dogs should be castrated as the risk of testicular cancer is significantly increased. We work with the Dogs Trust to accept their vouchers for neutering for people on mean’s tested benefits. Our staff can assist you with further details.